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What Makes One Type of Lipstick Different from Another?

Different types of lipsticks are formulated for diverse purposes and have special ingredients to target their own unique function. The fragrances, antioxidants and sunscreens that are found in lipstick are what create the specific formula to give each tube its own uniqueness. So what makes one lipstick long lasting, one shiny, and the next lipstick matte? It does not matter whether your favorite brand is Chanel, MAC, Clinique, Revlon, Avon, Estee Lauder, Aveda, Ulta, or Loreal - each brand follows a specific formula to achieve a distinctive purpose. The secret is in the ingredients and formula. Here are some of the more popular types of lipstick and the meaning behind each formula.
Long-Lasting: This type contains a balm and polymers that helps to keep the lipstick on your lips. My favorites are Clinique Stay The Day Lip ColourBare Essentials 100% Lip Color, and L'Oreal Endless Eight Hour Lip Color.
Shine: The ingredients are made from metallic which catch the light and gives the lips a glossy wet look. My picks for best shine are Dior Addict Ultra Shine Lipstick or Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine Lipstick.
Hydrating: One of my favorite formulas! The hydration comes from a gel formula which makes the lipstick apply to the lips much like a balm such as Chapstick but still holds the color in without fading it out. I have very dry lips and my absolute favorite hydrating lipsticks are Chanel Hydracaresse Super HydratingVersace Hydrating Lipstick, and Ulta's Hydrating Shimmer.
Mineral: The secret formula here is that the ingredients are natural and chemical free. Try Joelle Mineral Cosmetics Lip Color or Pur Minerals Mineral Shea Butter lipstick.
Sheer: This lipstick leaves the lips sexy and seductive with gloss and shine. My personal choice for a sheer lipstick is Clinique Moisture Sheer Lipstick with SPF 15.
Matte: This type applies with a flat finish but the wax and silicone formula prevents the lips from feeling dried out and caked. It glides on smooth and stays in place all day long. The best matte lipsticks I've tried are Clinique Long Last Soft Matte or MAC Matte.
Stain: Great for those who don't particularly like lipstick because this formula contains pigments that stain the lips. Once the lips dry they have an opaque appearance and give the lips a pouty seductive look. Try L'Oreal Just Bitten Lip StainAveda Lip Tint with SPF 15, or MAC Lipglass Stain.
Cream: Lipsticks of this type contain essential oils and have a wax base to give the lips a deeper color that lasts longer and they leave the lips soft and supple. My preferred brands of cream lipstick areCover Girl Continuous Color Cream or Revlon Moon Drops.
Plumping: These add fullness to the lips and give them that sex kitten pucker up and kiss me pout. Adds shine and gives the lips a younger look. I don't like plumping lipsticks but my friends tell me their favorite picks would be Bourjois Pour La VieAvon Beyond Color Nutralush with SPF 12, orLorac Lotsa Lip.
Anti-aging: Wonderfully smooth and full of vitamins E and C and antioxidants that nourish the lips and gives them elasticity and a sensual look. There is also Vitamin A that helps with anti-aging. I'm a huge fan of anti-aging lipstick and my top picks are Gourmet Body Treat, T. LeClerc Transparent, Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Lip Treatment, DDF Glossy Lip Therapy with SPF 15.
Organic: The key here is 100% natural ingredients that are made from coconut, jojoba and sunflower oils and beeswax. My mom likes to wear organic lipstick and her top choices are Honeybee Gardens Color Balm, Nvey Eco Organic, Earth's Beauty Shea and Aloe, and Marie Claire Afterglow Organic Liplove.

Lancome Lipsticks



Wrap your lips in rich, satiny color with this deeply replenishing lipstick. Infused with moisture-boosting Pro-Xylane™, lips stay moist, soft and comfortable for up to 8 hours. Antioxidant-rich Vitamin E and SPF 12 help keep lips safe from environmental aggressors, so they’ll look and feel healthier day after day. The stay true color won’t feather, flake or fade, so your pout will always look picture-perfect.

  • Deeply replenishes, softens and moisturizes lips for up to 8 hours
  • Lips feel comfortable and smooth for hours
  • Intense color glides on evenly and looks satiny
  • Help protect delicate lips against environmental damage, UVA and UVB rays
  • The sleek black case features an innovative magnet closure system and looks un decidedly luxurious


These neon-translucent permanent shades saturate lips with comfort, moisture and lasting stain of color.ransluscency of colors and adds shine to lips.

When the texture is applied, its high content of light oils delivers a very smooth, thin and glinding film on the lips that provides a comfortable, lightweight feeling for the customer.

Protective jelly enhances its adherence on the lips. This adherence combined with its barrier effect optimizes comfort and protection of the skin from its external environment by maintaining moisture levels within the lips.

Shea butter has a unique composition compared to other plant-derived oils: it provides a naturally moisturizing effect and leaves the lips feeling soft.


A liquid rouge with a matte finish. 

L'Absolu Creme de Mat combines the gentleness of a gloss and the coverage of a lipstick with a deep velvety finish on the lips. Three limited edition shades, ranging from bright red to profound burgundy, will cover every look from day to night. The precise-angled, tapered tip applicator ensures an even and contoured application.
  •   Velvety touch upon application
  •   Gel fillers keep lips moisturized with a matte finish
  •   Contains waxes to prevent feathering

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Make UP Forever Lip Liner


The extremely waterproof texture of this pencil can be used to reshape and heighten lip contour.
Very long-lasting and non-transferable, it holds for hours even in extreme conditions. It is water and saliva resistant. It can be used on the entire mouth, after applying non-oily skincare on the lips (Lip Contour Skincare Pencil). The range of matte shades offers natural harmonies in matching tones and other more intense colors.
Aqua Lip


Colorless Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil

Lip Line Perfector is a colorless pencil that defines the lips for a long lasting result.
Acting as an invisible barrier, it keeps the color inside the lip line and prevents lipstick from bleeding and feathering. 
Its smooth and creamy texture is enriched with beeswax, ceramid, Elastomer of silicone and high molecular hyaluronic salt. This cocktail fills in fine lines, keeping the lipstick in place and preventing smudging.
The transparent color suits every lipstick shade and every skin tone.
Lip Line Perfector


The extra-long Lip Contours Lip Pencil draws precise, even lines that remain sharp for hours. The flexible tip, soft and rich in pigments, marks as soon as it touches your skin. Ideal for correcting the shape of the mouth, it also makes your lipstick last longer and helps prevent “bleeding”.

Lip Liner Pencil

Make UP Forever Gloss


Vinyl Effect Pluming Lip Gloss

This colorless gloss gives lips an ultra-brilliant vinyl effect. Maxi Lip, a collagen stimulator, replumps and shapes lips. Lips are rejuvenated and smoothed. Its non-sticky texture won't rub away and stays on lips for hours. Colorless, it can be used alone, applied over lipstick or mixed with shimmer. Its lightly and very fresh menthol perfume stimulates and improves micro-circulation at the lip.
Glossy Full


Vibrant color

GLOSSY FULL COULEUR is a gel-textured and long-lasting lip gloss, that leaves lips ultra shiny. Available in 9 shades, it colors the lips and lights them up with an unparalleled mirror effect.
The range features bold pop-art and nude colors to apply directly to the lips or layer over lipstick.
Its mentholated fragrance reinforces the iced, frosty effect of the gloss.

Glossy Full Couleur


Sparkling - Pearly - Chrome Shine Lip Gloss

LAB SHINE Lip Gloss offers a spectacular and intense shiny effect. 
Especially designed to achieve an ultra-bright effect, its silky brush ensures an optimal and dazzling coverage.

LAB SHINE is available in 3 collections, in a wide range of 35 creative colors and effects:
- The Diamond Collection offers a sheer coverage, natural effect and a sparkling shine.
- The Star Collection offers a medium coverage with a pearly shine.
- The Metal Collection offers a high coverage with a chrome shine.

Lab Shine


Super Lip Gloss slightly-colored glossy gel formula adds volume to the lips and is long-lasting. 
Since it was first marketed, it has been a staple of the beauty world. Models in 
particular love this magical gloss which gives them a sensual edge.
The best way to keep lips glossy for hours, Super Lip Gloss is also very popular in the music world, where the camera gets up close and personal with the stars'make-up.
Super Lip Gloss

Make Up For Ever Lipsticks

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Waterproof Liquid Lip Color

As a 2 step product, Aqua Rouge comes in a double-ended packaging consisting in 2 bottles connected by a black metallic ring.
The ergonomic form of the applicatore helps to paint lips precisely. Its texture is highly loaded in opaque pigments with a matt finish. Aqua Rouge is extremely stable and long lasting.
The transparent texture of the top coat provides a lacquer finish for extreme shine and comfort.
Available in 12 colors, each shade of aqua rouge corresponds to a shade of aqua lip.

Aqua Rouge


This practical, fun palette exists in 13 pre-selected harmonies and consists of 5 removable and refillable lipstick pots in a single case. 
The colors, with various textures, can be mixed together to create volume effects or your own colors. 
The integrated wraparound mirror and brush allow you to make up your lips with precision wherever and whenever you like.
5 Lipstick Palette


Rouge Artist Natural has an ultra creamy formula that hydrates the lips with a natural sheen. 

Enriched with a cocktail of vegetal ingredients, made of waxes and Cupuassu Butter, it contains nourishing properties for a moisturizing smooth texture that glides on effortlessly.
Its translucent shine reveals pure pearls and pigments for a profusion of 50 luminous shades. 

Rouge Artist Natural makes it possible to find a color to suit every mood!

Rouge Artist Natural

Shades of Lakme



Lakme ModelLipstick Matchup
Start with looking at yourself carefully in the mirror. Use swatches of fabric to see what looks good on your facial skin – that will give you a clue which colour family to look at. The colour that makes your face seem muddy and dull is a complete no-no. When you find the shade that makes you seem as if you are lighted up and glowing, you will know it almost immediately. Every woman knows when she looks good. 

The first step – take your time and examine the range of lipstick shades carefully. Choose a colour that gives you the same kind of 'glow' as the fabric did. To make it easier for you, you can use the following rule of thumb. 

  • If your skin is fairly light, opt for medium tones – pinks, beige, pale peach, orange, taupe.
  • If your hair and skin are dark, choose deep tones – maroon, fuschia, dark chocolate, plum, wine, ruby.
  • If your colouring is somewhere in between, you are lucky – you can wear almost anything you like, from a pale nude to a brilliant scarlet to a gentle caramel.
  • If you are olive-toned, like many Indians, be careful with the violets and pale lavenders. Use brighter colours with less blue in them.
Lakme 9to5The general rule is to keep lips soft and natural if your eyes are dramatic. During the day, stick with lighter, softer, more matte colours, to present a more professional and sober appearance. Night time allows more glitz and glamour, so up the voltage with brights and lots of drama. Gloss and glitter is best saved for a special evening out.

If you are looking for a long stay lipstick, go for Lakme 9to5. Usually long-lasting lip stains dry out your lips. But Lakme 9to5 moisturizes the lips without fading or ruining the lipstick’s color. 

Lakme Enrich Lip Color

For regular lipstick users, every bit of moisture helps. So look for lipsticks with vitamin E to moisturize and protect your lips.  Lakme Enrich Lip Color is enriched with Vitamin E to keep lips feeling softer and smoother. 

Lip glossLip glosses are very popular these days because they add softness, moisture, and sheen to the lips; making them look a bit fuller, younger, and oh-so-yummy! 

Lipliners are useful when you want a carefully defined lip contour, and essential if you are wearing a dark (plum, maroon) or very bright (red, fuschia) shade, since any bleeding will be clearly visible.

Lip Products from Lakme Absolute Collection

Lakme Absolute 16 hr Creme Lipstick

Smack your lips and snatch his heartbeat. With Lakme Absolute Creme 16 hour, you are set to experience a comfortable shine and incredibly hydrated lip color. It’s color is rich and the gloss is perfect as it stays on all day long.

 Lakme Absolute Collection: Products, Shades & Prices
Lakme Absolute 16 hr Lip Last
A girl knows her perks of keeping luscious lips. It just became easier with Lakme Absolute Lip Last as they keep your lips beautiful and supple for up to 16 hours. Now enjoy the unique brush perfect for smooth and even application. It is time to set a few hearts to fire!

 Lakme Absolute Collection: Products, Shades & Prices
Lakme Absolute Matte Lipsticks
Ensure a proper pout while you enhance the beauty of your lips, with Lakme Absolute Matte. Enriched with Vitamin E and wheat germ oil, this keeps the lips smooth, silky and soft. Now enjoy the special attention along with an attractive matte finish as the non-drying creamy formula keeps the lips hydrated.

 Lakme Absolute Collection: Products, Shades & Prices

Lakme Absolute Plump & Shine Lip Gloss
Lakme Absolute Plump & Shine is set to create a rave. This revolutionary 3D lip gloss formula contains Marine Collagen and high shine pigments which keep lips plump and hydrated. With its high pigmentation properties, you are sure to make your lover fall weak on his knees.


Medora Lipsticks Shades 2013 with Numbers

Medora Lipsticks

These lipsticks are Made in Pakistan Swat and are only available in Pakistan at drug stores or shops that carry makeup products. 
 They have a matte finish which I prefer as I have thin lips and most of the lipsticks have a creamy/sheen finish and I feel that they don't last too long on my lips or just bleed out. And I hate it when I am wearing a creamy lipstick and even if my hair brushes over it, it just I had been looking for some really good matte lipsticks which would be long wearing and not too dry but still not too shiny or creamy. 

There are 20 different shades of Medora Lipsticks:

  1. Violet 212
  2. Gypsy red 253
  3. Berry 218
  4. Hint of Pink 210
  5. Sugar Candy 215
  6. Flavour 216
  7. Garnet 204
  8. Bordeaux 209
  9. Burnt Orange 520
  10. Dessert Rose 528
  11. Orbroni 205
  12. Viva Glam 235
  13. Gold Opal 299
  14. Down Town 282
  15. Sonic 248
  16. Miss Fizz 261
  17. Frosted Natural 281
  18. Vista 242
Siss is the last shade I metled for my kit and its the 1st one from the right. The shades I got were carefully selected as I only got the ones I didn't already have in my collection; in the finish I wanted. They are amazingly pigmented and absolutely gorgeous colours. These shades are especially perfect for Asian Pakistani bridal looks or for evening makeup looks.

The fact which makes me love them is that there are all different types of textures( glitter, shimmery, frosty) but with a non greasy finish exactly what I wanted.

The Violet is a true violet shades which is a completely matte finish. Love this for dramatic looks.

Gypsy Red is my most worn Red lipstick as it has a great staying power and is the most low maintainance Red lippy with a gorgeous deep red shade.

Berry is a beautiful purple pink lipstick which comes off as slightly more deeper than it appears in the pic and is perfect for fall.

Hint Of Pink is one of my fav a pretty vintage pink shade.Lovely matte shade.

Sugar Candy is Lilac shade in a sheer shimmery finish.

Flavour is a a shade shy from barbie pink its not too bright but not too subtle.

Garnet is a deep maroon in matte finish and has good staying power.

Bordeaux is a very unique shade, it didnt come out as good in the pic but its a beautiful deep maroon with subtle golden sheen running through it.

Burnt Orange is a reddish copper with fine gold glitter. but the glitter is so finely milled that u wont feel it on the lips.

DessertRose is a sheer pink with fine silver glitter. beautiful shade.

Orbroni is a reddisd brown with gold glitter perfect for evening party looks.

Viva Glam is one of my favourite and its a perfect nude on my lips without looking too dull.

Gold Opal is the most amazing lipstick its pale gold with a slight pink and gold shimmer and without a doubt in the list of my top 5 lipsticks. When ever i go to buy Medora lipsticks this one always catches my eyes n  i pick it up and then realize that I already have this one. But  its always a treat for  the eyes.

Down Town is a rich and earthy matte brown.

Sonic is another one of my most worn lipsticks it is a coppery brown with gold shimmer. Beautiful to go along with copper bronze embroidery.

Absolutely gorgeous Pale gold lipstick with gold shimmer is called Miss Fizz. A unique shade.

Frosted Natural as the name suggests is a very natural shade with a slight frost another beautiful lipstick.

Vista is a browny nude shade with a matte finish can be a good base if you want to wear lipgloss but dont want to wear it alone.

This was my first Medora lipstick. I bought this neutral shade to use as a base and it worked perfectly but the sticker came off and I don't know the name of the shade. I am almost at the end of the bullet hopefully next time I go to buy this I can match out the color for repurchase.