Sunday, May 5, 2013

Medora Lipsticks

These lipsticks are Made in Pakistan Swat and are only available in Pakistan at drug stores or shops that carry makeup products. 
 They have a matte finish which I prefer as I have thin lips and most of the lipsticks have a creamy/sheen finish and I feel that they don't last too long on my lips or just bleed out. And I hate it when I am wearing a creamy lipstick and even if my hair brushes over it, it just I had been looking for some really good matte lipsticks which would be long wearing and not too dry but still not too shiny or creamy. 

There are 20 different shades of Medora Lipsticks:

  1. Violet 212
  2. Gypsy red 253
  3. Berry 218
  4. Hint of Pink 210
  5. Sugar Candy 215
  6. Flavour 216
  7. Garnet 204
  8. Bordeaux 209
  9. Burnt Orange 520
  10. Dessert Rose 528
  11. Orbroni 205
  12. Viva Glam 235
  13. Gold Opal 299
  14. Down Town 282
  15. Sonic 248
  16. Miss Fizz 261
  17. Frosted Natural 281
  18. Vista 242
Siss is the last shade I metled for my kit and its the 1st one from the right. The shades I got were carefully selected as I only got the ones I didn't already have in my collection; in the finish I wanted. They are amazingly pigmented and absolutely gorgeous colours. These shades are especially perfect for Asian Pakistani bridal looks or for evening makeup looks.

The fact which makes me love them is that there are all different types of textures( glitter, shimmery, frosty) but with a non greasy finish exactly what I wanted.

The Violet is a true violet shades which is a completely matte finish. Love this for dramatic looks.

Gypsy Red is my most worn Red lipstick as it has a great staying power and is the most low maintainance Red lippy with a gorgeous deep red shade.

Berry is a beautiful purple pink lipstick which comes off as slightly more deeper than it appears in the pic and is perfect for fall.

Hint Of Pink is one of my fav a pretty vintage pink shade.Lovely matte shade.

Sugar Candy is Lilac shade in a sheer shimmery finish.

Flavour is a a shade shy from barbie pink its not too bright but not too subtle.

Garnet is a deep maroon in matte finish and has good staying power.

Bordeaux is a very unique shade, it didnt come out as good in the pic but its a beautiful deep maroon with subtle golden sheen running through it.

Burnt Orange is a reddish copper with fine gold glitter. but the glitter is so finely milled that u wont feel it on the lips.

DessertRose is a sheer pink with fine silver glitter. beautiful shade.

Orbroni is a reddisd brown with gold glitter perfect for evening party looks.

Viva Glam is one of my favourite and its a perfect nude on my lips without looking too dull.

Gold Opal is the most amazing lipstick its pale gold with a slight pink and gold shimmer and without a doubt in the list of my top 5 lipsticks. When ever i go to buy Medora lipsticks this one always catches my eyes n  i pick it up and then realize that I already have this one. But  its always a treat for  the eyes.

Down Town is a rich and earthy matte brown.

Sonic is another one of my most worn lipsticks it is a coppery brown with gold shimmer. Beautiful to go along with copper bronze embroidery.

Absolutely gorgeous Pale gold lipstick with gold shimmer is called Miss Fizz. A unique shade.

Frosted Natural as the name suggests is a very natural shade with a slight frost another beautiful lipstick.

Vista is a browny nude shade with a matte finish can be a good base if you want to wear lipgloss but dont want to wear it alone.

This was my first Medora lipstick. I bought this neutral shade to use as a base and it worked perfectly but the sticker came off and I don't know the name of the shade. I am almost at the end of the bullet hopefully next time I go to buy this I can match out the color for repurchase.


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  2. Makeup or beauty products is an essential part of women’s or girls life. beauty products in Pakistan are playing a vital role in making women beautiful, glamourous or hot. There are so many famous cosmetics brands like L’Oreal or many others are working in this field. Medora is also an another most demanding cosmetics brand in Pakistan Established at 1961. Medora of London is an international beauty brand who offers its products worldwide. Here in this post blogger showed top 10 Medora lipsticks shades l lipstick shades 2014-15. Let’s check out the list below at online shopping stores of Pakistan.